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Dallas County

City of Dallas

Acres Community Garden

Purpose: We have 41 individual plots and 1 larger community plot on the back part of the garden for larger projects.

Location: 4711 Westside Drive


Contact: Russell Church 214-454-6984

Ascension Harvest of Hope Garden

Purpose:  We are a mix of Church members, Community members and community plots dedicated to supplementing the food the Ascension Episcopal Church Food Pantry gives out.  

Location: 8787 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75243


Contact: Jeanne Neill

Community Garden of Cliff Temple

Purpose: The Community Garden at Cliff Temple is a collective effort to enhance neighborhood life, improve church/parish relations and promote food security in Oak Cliff.

Location: 9th and Zang, Dallas, Texas 75208



Deep Ellum Gardens

Purpose: Our vision is to provide opportunities for people to grow food for themselves increase their healthy activity, get to know their neighbors, learn from each other, and create a productive and beautiful commons.

Location: 2620 Canton, Dallas, TX 75226


Dolphin Heights Community Garden

PurposeThe Dolphin Heights Community Garden was founded about 1 year ago on a vacant lot on Silver Ave by community residents. It is a place that all residents can gather to grow fruits and vegetables and enjoy beautiful open space in Dolphin Heights. The garden is also being used as a learning tool for the kids in the Dolphin Heights After School Program (ASP). Right now we are learning about plant growth and deciding which types of fruits and vegetables we can grow this summer.

Location: 4815 Silver St

Contact: Anna Hill: 214-681-4390

East Dallas Community and Market Garden

Purpose: The vegetables are grown by the gardeners themselves, and are sold to pay for water, tools, seeds, and other costs. This garden was started in 1987, as a project to assist the Southeast Asian refugee community. Member of Gardeners in Community Development. 

Location: 1416 N. Fitzhugh


Contact: Don Lambert:

Esperanza "Hope" Elementary School Garde

Purpose: Education learning garden

Location: 2221 Lucas Drive


Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church Community Garden

Location: 612 N. Cliff Street

Contact: Steve Turner

Harry Stone Montessori Kitchen and Butterfly Gardens

PurposeStudents in grades 1st through 8th grade enjoy the wildlife attracted to the Butterfly garden and use the Kitchen garden to ruminate on how the heck a seed like that could grow a plant like that.  We've enjoyed planting and harvesting a wide variety of crops, but are known for our okra, kale and cotton.

Location4747 Veterans Dr. Dallas, TX 75216

ContactMegan Capshaw

Highlands Christian Community Garden

Purpose: The second community garden in the Lake Highlands neighborhood of Dallas, the Highlands Christian Church Community Garden has thirty plots open to members of the community.

Location: 9949 McCree Road


Contact: Gene Carlton

Hope Community Garden

Purpose: A new community garden project, started in 2004 as a project of GICD and Foundry MethodistIn addition to gardeners maintaining their own plots, a large area at Hope Community Garden is used to grow food donated to local food pantries.

Location:1108 Cristler (one block off of East Grand Ave.)


Contact: Don Lambert

Kalachandji Community Garden

Purpose: Kalachandji's Community Garden is open to anyone who wants to grow. Experience is not required at all. Some gardeners grow for themselves and their families, and others contribute some or all of their vegetables or flowers to charitable organizations. 

Location: 1018 Graham Ave, Dallas, TX 75223


Kiestwood Community Garden

Purpose: We're the Community Garden for the Kiestwood Historic Homeowner's Assoc. in Oak Cliff.  Join us by leasing a plot or coming by to help.

Location: 3601 Ravina Dr, Dallas, TX 75233

Facebook: Kiestwood Community Garden

Lake Highlands Community Garden

Purpose: The first City of Dallas supported Community Garden. The main garden consists of 89 plots. The donation garden provides fresh produce to those in need, for more information about the garden, who we donate to and how you can get involved browse our articles.

Location: 7901 Goforth Road Dallas, TX 75238


Live Oak Community Garden

Purpose:  The early garden was primarily older generation Cambodian refugee families, today there are also  families from Republic of Congo and Bhutan. Vegetables are sold through family and community networks, at the East Dallas Community and Market Garden one block away, and at various neighborhood and farmers markets. Member of Gardeners in Community Development

Location: N. Fitzhugh and Live Oak


Contact: Don Lambert

Maeola's Garden

PurposeIt is an injustice anywhere in the world that you find people hungry and people without access to affordable healthy foods. Right here in Dallas, our community of Bonton finds many of our residents facing this injustice, so we're doing something about it. Maeola's Garden is a statement. It is part of a solution. It is a marker that there is more to come.

Location2612 Valentine St., Dallas, TX 75215

ContactDaron Babcock: 469.400.960;

Our Saviour Community Garden

Purpose: From our humble beginning in 2003, with the continuing help of Gardeners in Community Development, we have grown and embraced the idea of being a donation garden.  The mission of our “Plot Against Hunger” is to give back to the community, to help food insecure families have a place to grow vegetables, to be good stewards of the earth, and to pass along these gifts as we plant seeds of hope and faith.

Location: 1616 N. Jim Miller Road


Contact: Don Lambert

Paul Quinn College We Over Me Farm

Purpose: To transform the health and well-being of economically under-resourced areas in the city of Dallas by empowering citizens with healthy food choices and opportunities for engagement through local production and distribution of safe, healthy foods and the delivery of preventive health care to the under served community surrounding Paul Quinn College.

Location: 3837 Simpson Stuart Rd, Dallas, TX 75241



Peace Community Garden

Purpose: A small garden used primarily by nearby Laotian families. 

Location: 4627 Virginia Street


Contact: Don Lambert

Promise of Peace

Purpose: The intent and purpose of Promise of Peace Community Garden and Impact Center is to unite the diverse neighborhoods in East Dallas with common ground and understandings. By disseminating knowledge through community involvement, and urban agriculture students and families in the Woodrow Wilson feeder pattern will become more inspired to pursue a healthy and happy life.

Location: 7446 East Grand Avenue


Contact: Elizabeth Dry, 214-240-9220

St. Philip's School Community Garden

Purpose: St. Philip's Community Center has a lot dedicated as a garden for the community.   Fresh vegetables and flowers grown here have been a blessing to many.

Location: 1628 Panama PlaceDallas, TX 75215


Contact: LaSheryl Walker

St. Luke's Community Garden

Purpose: We are available to our neighborhood as well as well as to those from other areas of the city. We donate a portion of what we grow to North Dallas Shared ministries. 

Location: 5923 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75230

Contact: Sally Duernberger

Stonewall Garden

Purpose: We support the learning garden at Stonewall Jackson Elementary, a 20,000 square foot outdoor laboratory where students tend crops, observe the complex workings of an ecosystem, and conduct scientific experiments.  The hands-on, multi-sensory curriculum allows children from kindergarten through fifth grade to increase their understanding of science and their connection to nature.

Location: 5828 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75206


Tikva Community Garden

Purpose: We are a small but rapidly growing group of people who saw a need for community involvement, family interaction, and spiritual fulfillment. 

Location: 10909 Hillcrest Road, Dallas, TX 75094

Contact: Jennifer Williams 214-691-3611;

UT Dallas Community Garden

Purpose: Promote a sense of community through the shared interest and participation in cultivating a garden.

Location: Intersection of Drive A and Drive H


White Rock Local Garden

Purpose: to provide basic education, needed healthy foods for members, and community relationships, while enriching and extending the mission of White Rock Local Market.

Location: 702 N. Buckner Blvd. Dallas, TX 75218

Fees and/or Requirements: 

Educational Plot – $36.75 a month

Gardener’s Plot – $19.95 a month

Community Membership –  $30 Year

Limited Scholarships Are Available – Please send Inquiry for Details


Collin County 


McKinney Community Garden Association

Purpose:  We’ve established this garden in an effort to educate and inform residents about the benefits of growing, sharing and eating organic produce, as well as provide an environment that fosters community, creativity and self-reliance.

Location606 Barnes St., McKinney, TX 75069

Fees and/or Requirements

• Annual membership: $25 per family

• Garden plots: $35 per plot

• Sponsorship opportunities available

• Price includes water, seeds and all soil tenements. Literally plant and grow!



Plano Community Garden

Purpose: The garden's 50 raised beds provide over 5,000 lbs. of fresh produce annually to community food pantries and present hands-on educational opportunities for local schools, children's organizations, and organic gardeners.

Location: 4030-B W. Plano Parkway, Plano, TX 75093

Fees and/or Requirements: Adopt a plot


Contact: (972) 769-4228;


Coppell Community Garden

Purpose: The Coppell Community Garden cultivates a healthy community where gardeners can activity participate in the joys of gardening, learn more about organic gardening and each other, and share produce grown with the food pantry. We welcome you to come join in our efforts.


Helping Hands Garden, 255 Parkway Blvd.
Ground Delivery Garden, 450 S. Denton Tap



Grand Prairie

Bush Neighborhood Community/School Garden & Bush Elementary Outdoor Habitat

Purpose: The purpose of gardens at Barbara Bush Elementary is to provide a space for an outdoor classroom and a space for a community garden to educate students and residents about organic gardening, water quality, pollution prevention, composting and curriculum related topics. The gardens also provide campus and neighborhood beautification and community involvement.

Location: 511 East Springdale, Grand Prairie, TX 75052


Fees and/or Requirements: No fees to participate. There are Garden Rules that can be provided upon request. There is a waiting list for beds.

Contact: Tammy Chan at 214-212-7958 or

We Have: 46 raised beds, perennial beds, shade structure, seating and a pond (in the Outdoor Habitat), water, tool sheds and a compost corral.

We Need: Shade structure and seating for the community garden component and signage.

Crosspoint Church of Christ Community Garden

Location: 3020 West Bardin Road, Grand Prairie, TX 75051

First Presbyterian Community Garden and Orchard

Purpose: The purpose of the First Presbyterian Community Garden and Orchard is to provide a space for organic gardening and environmental education for the church and the community at large. A portion of the produce is donated to local food banks/pantries.

Location: 310 SW 3rd Street, Grand Prairie, TX 75051


Fees and/or Requirements: There are no fees to participate. There are rules that can be sent upon request. There is a waiting list for beds.

Contact: Tammy Chan at 214-212-7958 or

We Have: 21 raised beds, a shed, water, access to electricity, some outdoor seating, meeting space, a compost corral and a small fruit orchard.

We Need: Our master plan for this garden includes perennial beds for beautification and to bring in more pollinators. We could also use more outdoor seating and signage.

Grand Prairie Family Church Community Garden

Location: 1513 S. Beltline, Grand Prairie, TX 75051

Lorenzo de Zavala Environmental Science Academy School and Community Garden

Location: 3410 Kirby Creek Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Luckett Community Garden and Tree Farm in the Dalworth Neighborhood

Purpose: The Luckett Community Garden and Tree Farm was launched in 2003 by Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful and the Dalworth Weed & Seed Steering Committee, with the aid of a Weed & Seed grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. The Weed & Seed program’s goal is to weed out crime and seed in beneficial intervention and crime prevention programs. The application was filed based on the Broken Window theory which posits that a community that is apathetic when it comes to litter, code violations and community improvement, will experience a downward spiral that leads to crime, lower property values and a poor quality of life. Contrarily, a community that takes a proactive approach to these problems will experience less crime, higher property values and a better quality of life. Thus, the Luckett Community Garden and Tree Farm is a crime fighting garden!

Location:1037 Manning Road, Grand Prairie, TX 75051


Fees and/or Requirements: There are no fees to participate in the garden. There are rules that can be sent upon request. There is a waiting list for beds.

Contact: Tammy Chan at 214-212-7958 or

We Have: 46 raised beds, shed, water, electricity, irrigation, rain water harvesting, some seating compost corral, security camera and a small tree farm.

We Need: A shade structure, more seating and a new sign.

Russ Glen Community Garden

Purpose: The garden is named after Russ Glen, a church member who mowed the vacant lot next to the church for more than 20 years. His unselfish efforts to care for what could have been a community eyesore helped to motivate others to care for the lot. There are no fees to garden at the Russ Glen Community Garden. We "group grow," which means we share in the labor in all the growing areas rather than tending individual plots. The fruits and vegetables grown are donated to local food banks and seniors who reside in a nearby apartment complex.

Location: 122 North Center Street, Grand Prairie, TX 75050


Fees and/or Requirements: There are no fees to participate in this garden. We do have rules that can be sent upon request. Because we group garden, there is no waiting list to participate.

Contact: Tammy Chan at 214-212-7958 or

We Have: 8 raised beds, 4 with vertical elements, water, shed, shady area, row gardening area, small orchard, compost corral, information kiosk and perennial beds.

We Need: Permanent seating for the shady area and more signage.

Gateway Grand Prairie Community Garden and Orchard

Purpose: The purpose for the Gateway Grand Prairie Community Garden and Orchard is to be a blessing to the community, building bridges for the Kingdom as well as provide a source of fresh fruits and vegetables for the gardeners and those who are in need. A portion of the produce is distributed through the church’s People That Care ministry.

Location: 2404 North Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX 75050


Fees and/or Requirements: There are no fees to participate. There are rules provided upon request. There is a waiting list for raised beds, but no waiting list for the row area.

Contact: Tammy Chan – 214-212-7958 or

We Have: 40 raised beds, water, a shed, compost corral a wonderful shady area and a small orchard.

We Need: Our master plan includes a larger orchard, larger row gardening area and perennial beds for beautification and to attract pollinators. We also need permanent seating in the shady area and garden signage.

Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch Community Garden

Purpose: In 2009 the Farmers Branch Parks and Recreation Department, Farmers Branch Community and Chapel Hill United Methodist Church broke ground together to build the Farmers Branch Community Garden.  This garden encourages the building of a community that will nurture the earth through sustainable gardening while growing healthy food for both the family and the community through Metrocrest Social Services.

Location: 12411 Templeton Trails


Contact: Pam Smith: 972-919-2625;

We have: 62 plots, a composting area and a community orchard

Tarrant County

City of Fort Worth

Tarrant County Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden

Purpose: To provide garden plots for families in Tarrant County so they have an opportunity to grow fresh vegetables for their family. The MG vegetable demonstration plots help educate the public as to which vegetables grow really well in North Texas.The two acre garden consists of various areas demonstrating gardens such an orchard, herb garden, perennials, Earth Kind roses, composting and native grasses of North Texas. The garden is open to the public for guided tours on Tuesdays 9:00-12:00.

Location: Tarrant County Resource Connection: 1800 Circle Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76119


Fees and/or Requirements: Raised bed and soil are provided. Gardeners must sign a contract and agree to pay an annual fee of $10.00 per plot with a limit of two plots per family.

Contact: Bill Vandever at

Fairmount Community Garden

Purpose: To promote local food sources in Fort Worth

Location: 5th Avenue and Maddox Street, across from Fairmount Park on the near Southside


Fees and/or requirements: 76 plots, leasable by residents for $35 per year. Waiting list for openings.

Contact: Susan Harper at ??

 2-Hands Urban Gardener Program & Community Garden

Purpose: Helping North Texas grow organic produce and healthy communities through sustainable urban farming and education. The Community Garden is cooperative passive water & food site.

Location: Community Garden on corner of Lowden & 8th Ave (near Elizabeth Anna's Shop). Elizabeth Anna's & 2-Hands located at 2825 8th Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76110


Fees and/or requirements: $30 membership to the Community Garden. 

Contact: Elizabeth Anna Samudio at


Project GROWTH Garden

Purpose: Project GROWTH is an urban agriculture initiative of Feed by Grace that trains & employs homeless in Fort Worth. We organically grow veggies, make compost, install gardens. As a social enterprise of Feed By Grace homeless ministry, it lends an aura of productivity and hard work, changing the face of the East Lancaster neighborhood from one of hopelessness and handouts to one of commerce and pride. Produce is sold to sustain programming, create a supplemental income for participants, and given to the hungry in our community.

Location: 1316 East Lancaster St., Fort Worth, Texas, 76102


Fees and/or requirements: Program participants are homeless individuals. Volunteers are always welcome to come learn and help!

Contact: Deborah Beck at


Fountain Apartments Refugee Garden

Purpose: To provide fresh vegetables and community to refugee residents.

Location: 4151 Southwest Loop 820, Ft. Worth, Texas 76132

Fees and/or requirements: Must be a resident of Fountain Apartments & apply at leasing office.

Contact: Sherri Carpenter at 817-292-6581

Gan Ahavath Sholom

Purpose: To expand our congregational community beyond the walls of our building and offer a place for reflection, celebration and growth as well as an opportunity to provide nourishment for those in need.

Location: Ahavath Sholom Synagogue at 4050 S Hulen St. Fort Worth, TX 76109


Fees and/or requirements: There are no fees involved with being a part of this garden. "Farmers Rows" are open to volunteer gardeners who want to help grow food to donate to Safe Haven and Jewish Senior Services.

Contact: Marti Herman at

El Jardin de Suenos

Purpose: El Jardin de Sueños, sponsored by Tarrant Area Food Bank, is a joint project of The Dream & Go Center at La Trinidad UMC and Northside Intercommunity Agency (NICA). Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty through education, spiritual direction, and life skills. This is a communal garden where neighborhood volunteers share both work and food.

Location:1300 Gould Ave, Ft. Worth TX 76164


Fees and/or requirements: There are no fees to participate. However, we do ask that you register with the Dream & Go Center staff for approval to work or to harvest.

Contact: Tina Davila at

Diamond Hill Communal Garden

Purpose: The Diamond Hill Communal Garden operates under the auspices of the The Dream & Go Center, Trinidad Ministries Foundation, Inc. The mission of The Dream & Go Center is to break the cycle of poverty through education, spiritual direction, and life skills. The Diamond Hill Communal Garden is cared for by an intentional Christian community and their neighbors.

Location: The Dream & Go Center at 3005 Oscar Avenue, Fort Worth,Texas 76106


Fees and/or Requirements: There are no fees to participate. However, we ask that you register with the staff of The Dream & Go Center prior to receive permission to work or to harvest.

Contact: Tina Davila at

Forest Hill Library Community Garden and Orchard

Purpose: To provide a space in Forest Hill where residents can grow their own food and children can reconnect with the land and healthy foods. Food is donated to Forest Hill Senior Center.

Location: Forest Hill Library at 6962 Forest Hill Drive, Forest Hill, Texas 76140

Fees and/or requirements: No fee required, but must commit to maintain your bed for a season.

Contact: Jerline Harvey at 817-551-5354

Neighborhood Needs Bhutanese Refugee Garden

Purpose: To provide a place for Bhutanese refugees to plant and care for their own garden bed to grow food for their family. Excess is donated to Neighborhood Needs Food Pantry.

Location: Altamesa Church of Christ, Neighborhood Needs 4532 Altamesa Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76133


Fees and/or requirements: There is no fee, but applicants must contact garden leaders for an application.

Contact: Richard Briggs at 817-294-1260

Southside Community Garden

Purpose: This garden is a project of Southside Church of Christ to provide "A Place to Grow and Share." Produce is given to neighborhood gardeners and donated at Southside Church of Christ Pantry. This isn't just a garden, but a neighborhood park and community space.

Location: Southside Church of Christ at 2101 Hemphill Street, Fort Worth, TX 76110


Fees and/or requirements: No charge but sweat equity for bed ownership. Volunteer opportunities for those who want to grow food to donate to the food pantry program. 

Contact: Mac MacCalister at (817)713-9722

Harmony Healthy Harvest Community Garden

Purpose: The goal of the Harmony Healthy Harvest Outdoor Learning Center is to be a community and agricultural hub that empowers Fort Worth residents to connect with one another, grow food and learn about sustainable ecological systems. It's also a site of the Good Hands Club project. The Good Hands Crew is a group of young people who are committed to excel beyond jail by engaging in community beautifulcation projects, urban gardening and providing supportive services to senior citizens who are living in unmanagable living conditions.

Location: Harmony Missionary Baptist Church at 7510 John T White Road, Fort Worth, TX 76120


Fees and/or requirements:There are no fees associated with participating in this project.

Contact: Kyev Tatum at 817-966-7625

Alliance Community Garden

Purpose: Alliance Methodist Church created this garden to use their available space as a place for the community to grow their own food and grow food for those who are hungry in our community. A significant portion of our produce goes to Community Storehouse.

Location: Alliance Methodist Church at 7904 Park Vista Blvd., Ft. Worth, Texas 76137


Contact: Britta Coleman at 817-427-8453

Como Community Garden

Purpose: Established by the non-profit organization Opening Doors for Women in Need, the Como Community Garden will reduce hunger by providing fresh vegetables and education on gardening and healthy eating to those in need, as well as creating an atmosphere for unity in our community.

Location: 5300 Farnsworth Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107


Fees and/or Requirements: Volunteer monthly in the garden.

Contact: Sandra Stanley at 817-920-9326


Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center

Purpose: Our Outdoor Learning Environment is used to teach children and families about how to grow plants and enjoy the beauty of nature. We are now growing potatoes and onions for Tarrant Area Food Bank to help provide food for the hungry.

Location: 3320 West Cantey, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Website: N/A

Fees and/or Requirements: Volunteer monthly in the garden.

Contact: Debbie Gerwick at


Jubilee Garden at Ridglea Christian Church

Purpose: To be involved in the community, to care for God's world, and to help provide food.

Location: 6720 W. Elizabeth Lane, Ft. Worth, TX 76116


Fees/Requirements: $30 for a 4'x8' plot

Contact: Janet at 817-731-4149


SGM Amos F. Amos Memorial Gardens at University United Methodist Church

Purpose: Provide a place for people to grow fresh produce.

Location: 2416 West Berry, Ft. Worth, TX 76110


Fees/Requirements: $35

Contact: Margaret Fields at 817-313-6916




Harvesting Hope Community Garden

Purpose: To connect diverse groups in the City of Arlington to a place where they can learn to garden, grow food for themselves and those in need, improve their health and build community. A large portion of harvest is donated to Mission Arlington and Arlington Charities.

Location: 910 South Collins Street, Arlington, Texas 76010

Fees and/or requirements: There is a $30/year bed fee to cover water and amendments. Scholarships available.

Contact: Willie Redmon at (817)277-2634

North Richland Hills

The Common Ground NRH Community Garden

Purpose: Build a sense of community and pride, and to act as a center for educating and encouraging others to participate in gardening communities wherever they live. "...intended to provide opportunities for citizens to garden using organic principles and to provide a portion of their harvest of fresh produce to local pantries or groups in need." A program of Davis Memorial United Methodist Church.

Location: 5301 Davis Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76180


Fees and/or requirements: $40 annual fee for water, mulch and soil supplements.

Contact: Dianne Spradling at 


Denton County

City of Denton

Bill Crouch Garden at First United Methodist Church of Denton

Purpose: To provide fresh produce to Our Daily Bread and to give opportunity to church members to learn about gardening.

Location: 201 S. Locust St., Denton, TX 76201

Facebook: Bill Crouch Garden at FUMC of Denton

Fees/Requirements: None

Contact: Dale Tamtke at 940-382-5478


Denton Community Garden at Bowling Green Park

Purpose: none provided

Location: 2200 Bowling Green Ave., Denton, TX 

Website: or

Fees/Requirements: $20

Contact: 940-349-PARK

Earthwise Gardens

Purpose: Earthwise Gardens provides fresh locally produced food to Denton, TX and surrounding areas through our year round CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and at the Denton Community Market from May through October. 

Location: 2906 Locust Street



First United Methodist Church Krum Community Garden

Purpose: They had the land available so they want to grow food and share it with those in need.

Location: 1001 E. McCart St., Krum, TX 76249

Fees/Requirements: $10

Contact: Nancy Franke 940-482-3482


Shiloh Field Community Garden

Purpose: Denton County is home to Shiloh Field, a community garden where locals and volunteers plant, weed and harvest food for those in need. 

Location: 1650 Nottingham in Denton, Tx. ( southeast corner of Nottingham & Mingo Rd.)





6 Stones Community Garden

Purpose: To provide food to the community.

Location: 209 N. Industrial, Bedford, TX 76021

Fees/Requirements: $10


Contact: Alex 817-267-3313 




GRACE Community Gardens

Purpose: " cultivate a healthy community by building collaborations and providing organically grown produce to those in need."

Location: 837 E. Walnut St., Grapevine, TX 76051

Contact: Jeff MIlls 817-488-7009 x153



First United Methodist Church of Grapevine Heritage Campus

Purpose: " cultivate a healthy community by building collaborations and providing organically grown produce to those in need."

Location: 4344 Heritage Ave., Grapevine, TX 76051

Contact: Alison Shumaker 817-907-6617




Garden of Eatin' at United Memorial Christian Church Disciples of Christ

Purpose: Because there are hungry people and they have lots of acreage.

Location: 1401 N. Main St., Euless, 76039


Fees/Requirements: $25

Contact: Mary Lou (pastor) 817-571-0231

Notes: The church provides everything but the seeds. 50% goes to their food pantry, NEED (Northeast Emergency Distribution.)




The Village Garden: First United Methodist Church of Hurst

Location: 521 W Pipeline Rd., P.O. Box 1461, Hurst, Texas 76053


Contact: Vicki 817.282.7384




Covenant Life Baptist Church

Purpose: They use the garden as a ministry. It promotes socialization between the young and the old. It provides meals to their elderly.

Location: 601 Wildcat Way, Kennedale, TX 76060

Contact: Greg Adams 817-312-7471

Notes: The garden is 1500 sq. ft. The church provides seeds, supplies, and water. Volunteers harvest and share food and also donate food to fire department.


Parker County

Mineral Wells


Meals on Wheels Community Garden

Purpose: To provide food to the community and feed the hungry.

Location: 1410 Martin Luther King Jr. St., Mineral Wells, TX 76067  

Fees/Requirements: Free

Contact: Linda Kessler 940-325-7919




Clark Gardens

Purpose: To teach people how to grow food.

Location: 567 Maddux Rd, Weatherford, TX 76088

Fees/Requirements: You have to be a member to garden.
Contact: Carol Montgomery 940-682-4856

Notes: herb garden, veggie garden, classes: gardening, cooking, canning, 35 acres




VISTO Food Pantry Community Garden (Gainesville)

Purpose: To provide a space for those who have no p;ace to grow their own food
To encourage people to grow their own food for independence

Location: 204 Elm Street, Gainesville, TX 76240 (behind post office)

Fees/Requirements: $30 OR donate 10% yield OR donate 10 hours of time (choices to make it accessible for more people)

Contact: Suzanne 940-668-6403




E. Broad Outreach Community Garden

Purpose: Provide fresh food to the community/ministry

Location: 4517 E. Broad St., Mansfield, TX 76063

Fees/Requirements: .50/sq. ft. ($16 and $24 depending on lot size)

Contact: Shane Whistler 817-539-0581

Notes: They are trying to get involved in the community. It is the site of a future church.



Westwind Church Community Garden (Keller)

Purpose: people can grow food. to share food and the land

Location: 1300 Sarah Brooks Dr. - Keller, TX 76248


Fees/Requirements: $25 (4'x4'), $35 (4'x6')

Contact: Pat Wiszneauckas 817-647-5121

Notes: They donate 50% of produce to Keller Storehouse Food Pantry. This is the garden's first year and they have experienced soil struggles.


Frisco Family Services Community Garden

Purpose: In partnership with the City of Frisco, Frisco Family Services (FFS), established a community garden to promote community involvement and provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the clients of our agency.

Location: 8641 1st St., Frisco, TX 75034


Contact: Chris Leonard: 972 292-5361

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